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About Rico Group

"For me the future is now, wearing the clothes of yesterday, the boots of today and the hat of tomorrow. And as my dad is always telling me: "listen son, before making any decision, think about how it shall affect those living 11 generation from now".

Mr. Rizkallah Karam Word

My dream began in 1989 where I developed a solid team and built a real foundation, based on the cooperation, reliability, and the track of brilliance as to be the driving army following the escalation and success of Rico Group. It is the promise and eagerness of each of our employees that encourage our sustained achievement. Each employee adds his or her own outstanding ability, know-how, and experience in executing the daily work that moves Rico Group technology into exciting new areas.

I believe that nonstop perfection and resistance are very important to face every challenge, and uncover new deals. Reaching the mountaintop will not happen by some wonder, sensation, or assurance; thereupon, in order for every one of us to have a better tomorrow than we are today, we must perform boldly, team up, distinguish the necessity, and assertively chase change where it is vital. We must incessantly perk up as individuals and as a group to exploit the value we grant to our clientele, while inspiring our living, and meeting our commitments with the intention of ensuring Rico Group lasting capability.
I am proud of Rico Group, its spirit of sharing, and our considerable accomplishments, the following Four Sister Companies, launched in 1990, and having one sole vision to attain "BEING THE BEST BEFORE BEING THE FIRST".

After all, more than twenty years of serious & hard work, I still believe that there are no shortcuts in Evolution!!!

  • In Mathematic 1+1=2 but for Financial Business Group, one of the four sister companies, 1+1=Integrity.
  • It is there for every client; Unimarket, the brilliant sister, operates having in mind the following:" We catch the trade winds in our sails".
  • Are you searching for success? It grants you the best; Publiwave, believes in: "You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements".
  • Be safe and secure with our Security Brokerage sister company as "Assurance is two thirds of success".