Rico Group

Financial Business Group Services

We strive to satisfy our clients and to free them from the hassle of their everyday's ethical decisions and responsible actions, by providing them with the legal at the same time right guidance.
Our services are organized around:

a. The General Accounting:

This service comprises: posting journal entries, posting and monitoring accounts receivable or accounts payable, reconciliations of accounts, keeping track of amortizations schedules, monitoring investment income…etc, In addition to the Accounting Cycle that we offer to our clients such as the P&L, and bookkeeping of daily financial operations…etc.

b. Financial analysis

F.B.G. strives to grant the financial growth of each client by comparing actual income and expenses to budget or prior years' actual budgets, consequently, reporting on the causes of variances. Our committed and professional team starts from analyzing the balance sheet ensuring it is reported at the proper level, down to the extensive primary and secondary market and financial research.

c. Taxation and NSFF

Our tax and NCSS services are premeditated to mirror clients' requirements. Our team works with each client to attain successful fulfillment, manage risks and control costs, therefore, to answer any question a client may entail or to provide any financial information to an authorized party.

d. Audit

F.B.G. endorses the uppermost standards of audit integrity. Our Audit team supports clients in testing transactions, accounting policies and procedures to ensure that management reports reasonably embody the financial condition of the client business. Our audit services take in either the internal or the external audit.

e. Audit

Our expert and professional advisory team helps organizations tone down risks, get better financial performance, and build value. We provide industrial, commercial and financial advisory services that help clients undertake instant issues and plan for the long term, either for founded or to be launched establishments in Lebanon or abroad.